Welcome to BreadClub20

BreadClub20 started as a WhatsApp page during the Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020. My daughter arrived with her family and stayed to see the arrival of her second son. During that time, we walked the local country paths and bridleways and talked about hobbies and interests.

I started my baking bread journey many years ago at the young age of 17. I worked the night-shift at Sunblest Bakery in Stockport – now Allied Bakeries. Two years later, as an undergraduate, I was still on the night-shift, only this time at Castle Bakery in Beaumaris, on Ynys Môn, the Isle of Anglesey.

During Lockdown 2020, I started a WhatsApp group with my daughter and converted her to the magic arts, the alchemy that hapens when you mix flour, water, salt and yeast together.

Since then, BreadClub20 has grown. There are now subscribers from all over the World: from Australia, Greece and the United States, as well as from the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. There’s a Facebook site as well as a Twitter and an Instagram page.

You’ll see at the top that there are buttons linking you to the recipes as well as a section devoted to sourdough. Please feel free to print out as you wish and drop me a line if you have any comments or need any help or advice. If I can, I’ll help.

I hope you stay with us. It’ll be good to welcome you on board and, whether you’re new to baking, restarting an old love or simply dropping by in the search for an idea or two….Happy baking!

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